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John and Patrice Robson

We have devoted much of our lives to exploring how to bring more love, awareness, meaning and purpose to life. For many years, John has studied esoteric spirituality, which is the understanding, experience and application of universal laws and principles to practical living. More recently, Patrice has studied intensively with Jeddah Mali.

We both believe that our challenge as human beings is to become conscious of what is now unconscious in us. Our life journey is to explore those parts of our nature that are presently hidden from us so we may express ourselves more genuinely.

As we get in touch with and express more and more of our essential qualities, we naturally feel motivated to support others in living happier and richer lives. Inspirational quotes can be powerful tools to quickly and dramatically lift the perspectives and spirits of others.

For 11 years we have collected and used inspirational quotes in our online programs of empowerment. As a result, it was obvious to us that we could serve people by making it easy to share empowering words of wisdom, truth and guidance with others.

We hope you use these free quotes for your own benefit and to enlighten the lives of as many people as possible.

If you have ideas for additional topics, please let us know by emailing support@quotesforfriends.com.

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